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Published On: April 9th, 20245.4 min read

Two things are most important in building a successful house-flipping business: buying houses to flip and selling the houses you’ve improved. To grow your business in both areas, you need real estate marketing ideas that work.

Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

HomeVestors® is a real estate house-flipping franchise. We’ve been in this business for more than 27 years and are sharing some of our best marketing ideas to help you be successful in this industry.

1. Invest In Your Brand

It can take people as little as a tenth of a second to make a first impression of you. This means everything you do in marketing – website, socials, mailers – must look the part and be consistent.

Today, being able to provide excellent graphically designed content, video, and photos is necessary to implement your real estate marketing ideas. If you have the time, programs like Canva can help you create on your own, or you can outsource this work to an expert. If multiple people are involved, be sure everything is consistent. Continuity makes it easier to be recognized in a competitive marketplace.

2. Your Website Requirements

Nearly all real estate marketing ideas will drive users to your website, so it needs to be professional and have relevant information. An article in Forbes notes these critical content elements:

  • Invest in SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is how people find you online. Make sure your website designer knows the keywords that will drive business to your site.
  • Smart content: In addition to content that drives search results, you want to be able to reuse content in different areas to save time and boost keyword search. This means reformatting older content, creating infographics and connecting social media shares to your website.

With 90% of real estate agents promoting listings online, you cannot skimp on this aspect of your marketing plan.

3. Real Estate Marketing Tips for Social Media

Part of your online strategy is being connected through social media. A Hootsuite guide on social media marketing for real estate professionals included these tips:

  • Creating a calendar of what you will post and when to maintain consistency.
  • Use appealing visuals that include photos, video and graphics.
  • Share educational or informative details that show your knowledge in the industry.
  • Share local information that promotes neighborhoods and community interest.
  • Consider providing short videos where you address market trends and update.
  • Vary your content so readers always find something interesting in your posts.

Always remember to respond to inquiries that come through your social media posts, whether they are direct messages or comments. Social media is about two-way communication in the real estate business.

4. Understand Your Data

Online marketing generates a lot of data, and you need to know what data is relevant to boosting your marketing efforts.

You can enhance the value of your real estate marketing ideas by knowing how long people spend on your website, what social media posts are most interactive, and the keywords people are searching. Turn the most relevant data into information that can help you make better marketing decisions in the future. If you don’t know what it all means, consult a marketing expert to help you understand.

5. A Contact Management System

A list of contacts you can reach out to when you’re recruiting and selling properties is invaluable. This list can include former clients, friends, and people you meet through networking. You can promote this list to new contacts who might wish to be informed of new properties you have flipped or who might be able to refer you to sellers. This list works for digital communications and could be wholly or partially considered when creating real estate mailer ideas.

6. Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Advertising is a major focus of the house-flipping business to attract both sellers and buyers. You should have two separate advertising plans for each targeted audience. Your marketing plan will vary based on the resources in your area, but in general, a solid plan should include the following tactics:

  • Ensuring details are available on your website
  • Your contact list
  • Websites such as MLS, Zillow, and others
  • A list of media outlets in your area and advertising costs
  • Social media groups that allow promotion
  • Paid advertising opportunities online
  • Real estate agents

Be sure to keep track of where you spent money and how impactful it was in securing business.

7. Invest in Networking

Networking takes time, but it’s a very strong way to build referrals. For house-flipping, you want to have a professional network of people in the real estate business (i.e., lawyers, realtors, home improvement professionals, etc.) and a network of people outside the industry (i.e., charitable board members, golf buddies, etc.) The goal is to build a wide network and that’s going to take some time and effort on your part.

8. Grow Your Business with HomeVestors®

For most small business owners – especially in house-flipping – marketing essentially constitutes a full-time job. It’s not enough to have unique real estate marketing ideas, you also need the time and knowledge to implement them consistently. If you want to grow your house-flipping business with franchise marketing support from an experienced brand, become part of the HomeVestors franchise system.

Here are five reasons you should consider joining HomeVestors:

  • Proprietary tech: We have programs for property valuations, renovation estimates, customer management, and marketing that are unique in the industry.
  • Resource rich: Our franchise model includes working with industry experts and advisors, training on the most current trends, business management, and personal improvement. It’s a full business package.
  • Massive marketing: Our marketing program includes reputation management, search engine optimization, data analytics, call center operations, digital lead initiatives, consumer research, and lead generation.
  • Off-market leads: We know how to find leads before they get to the market, and we have a system to wholesale properties to investors.
  • Best possible network: Surround yourself with people who are in the same business as you, but aren’t your competitors.

We started this franchise to attract people who were driven to do well in this business. We put together a package of tools that make it easier to buy, renovate, and sell properties. Then we built a franchise to support the network. Today, we are 1,000 franchisees strong.

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