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At HomeVestors® we are America’s No. 1 home buyer. Our franchise owners have purchased more than 140,000 homes since 1996, and despite higher mortgage rates and inflation, our business is still going strong. The reason is that we have a specific strategy for real estate investing which has already persevered through other economic hardships.

When looking at how to grow a real estate business in a challenging time, it can be tempting to want to do something so badly that you’ll jump at anything. Before you do that, read on!

Real Estate Business Tips

You might be wondering why we would share our secrets with someone who is not in our franchise network. It’s one thing to know how to grow a real estate business, and it’s another thing to have the resources to be able to do it. Our franchise owners have access to those resources.

1. Know the Numbers

You know that real estate investing is a numbers game. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to look at each deal as if you’re purchasing for the first time. Make sure you don’t overlook any potential expenses or revenue.

In his book, What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow…And 36 Other Key Financial Measures, Frank Gallinelli says, “Unexpected expenses exceed unexpected income.” Knowing the numbers is part of the HomeVestors® focus from training through retirement! It is the most important part of this business and it needs a lot of your attention.

2. Generating Leads

Another thing you know is that leads are the lifeblood of how to grow a real estate business. Instead of being lured by the next big trick in lead generation, create a consistent lead generation process that you can manage easily. You need a system of people to connect with, places to look and messages to put out there so that when someone is ready to sell, they’re thinking about you.

At HomeVestors®, we have a combination of proprietary software, social media, and network touches that drive leads across the franchise network No matter the circumstances of the economy, homes still need to be sold and people are still looking to buy. The business is still there.

3. Continued Professional Development

In addition to crunching numbers and finding quality leads, you need to spend time developing yourself. Ensure your mindset is focused on meeting goals and moving forward. That can be a challenge if you’re surrounded by negative headlines and uninspiring people.

At HomeVestors, we have considerable investment on personal development so that our franchise owners remain focused on reaching their business potential. The franchisee network naturally lends itself to creating a motivational group, and you can build your own network of people – a mastermind group – who share the same intentional thinking as you do.

4. Marketing

Simply put, real estate investing marketing is critical. There are many options in marketing, and it’s impossible to throw money at every opportunity. Get specific about what works and drive that messaging with every outreach.

You probably know us as the We Buy Ugly Houses® people, and that’s no accident. That message is on billboards, web advertising, our direct mail pieces, and more. That message is on billboards, our website, social media, and our direct mail pieces. Our mascot, UG, is a strong visual and it helps us zero in on a niche in the marketplace. We run this brand nationwide, but we once started in a smaller region too. You may not have an UG, but you can develop a niche where you can become known as the leader.

5. Join HomeVestors®

Our final tip is self-serving, but our network has many people who were in the investing game alone before joining HomeVestors. It’s been a great decision for them, and it could be a great decision for you.

All the things we mentioned here are part of the business model with HomeVestors. There are also many other benefits to being part of this franchise. You can download our free franchise report to get an overview of what we offer and see how it connects to some of the goals you have in your real estate investing career. It’s worth a look.

Nest Step: Submit a Franchise Form

If you think HomeVestors could be a fit, submit our franchise inquiry form and let’s start a conversation. We can go over all the details of how the franchise works. There’s no secret with HomeVestors, but there is a proven model of business for real estate investors.


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