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Real estate investing is one of the most sought-after ways to build wealth. Knowing how to do it well requires being able to locate properties that can be purchased for a price that allows renovations to be made so the resale value is appropriate for the market. This often leads people to seek out off-market properties, but there can be risks involved.

HomeVestors® offers an opportunity to be part of the real estate investing business, but with the support of a franchise team to help you find leads (including off-market properties), perform smart renovations, and sell properties for a profit. Here’s a look at finding off-market deals on your own, and with HomeVestors®.

What Are Off-the-Market Properties?

A property is off-market when it’s available for sale but not listed publicly. There are many reasons a seller may choose to be off-market, such as wanting to test the waters on a price or not wanting tenants to know they are thinking of selling.

From a buyer’s perspective, off-market deals tend to have less competition because fewer buyers know about the property. However, knowing where to look for off-market properties is important to capitalize on the purchase.

Where to Find Off-Market Deals

Finding properties that are not listed publicly requires some legwork. At HomeVestors®, we have a strong off-market program as part of our lead-generation strategy that benefits all franchisees, saving them time compared to trying to hunt down these properties on their own. If you aren’t a HomeVestors® franchisee, here are some places you can look for off-market properties for sale:

  • Buyers lists. Some real estate agents rely on buyers lists of properties that owners don’t want made public. Developing relationships with real estate agents, it can be a good source of leads.
  • Online searches. Browsing through sites like Craigslist can lead you to some properties that are being sold by the owner, without the assistance of a real estate agent. The drawback is that it can be time-consuming and a bit riskier since no one is vetting the listers.
  • Mining relationships. If you have or can develop relationships with property managers, contractors and other tradespeople, they may be able to make you aware of properties that are or could be for sale.
  • Non-MLS websites. Though not really off-market, Zillow and Trulia are two sites where properties can be posted for sale without a real estate agent. Again, it takes some time to browse, and the seller is likely looking for top dollar without paying real estate commissions.

Challenges with Off-Market Deals

Finding deals on off-market properties is easier if you’re a seasoned real estate investor. When people know about you, they’re more likely to approach you about opportunities that they don’t want to be made public. However, for new real estate investors, or those who need more brand awareness in the community, a HomeVestors® franchise may be a better fit.

The HomeVestors® marketing program includes the We Buy Ugly Houses® campaign that encourages people to call with properties they’re looking to sell for cash. Franchisees purchase thousands of properties every year, and many of the purchases were off-market.

How HomeVestors® Works

HomeVestors® works with people who are in difficult real estate situations and need to sell a challenging property. We pay cash for houses, which alleviates issues related to debt, inheritance, repair needs, and other financial or time-constraint situations.

HomeVestors® has over 25 years of experience in buying houses, which includes building relationships with vendors. This allows us to help qualified franchisees find financing through third party lenders for offerings up to 100% of purchases and repairs.

Every purchase is customized to each seller, and because of that, we have a customer satisfaction rating of over 95%. As America’s No. 1 home buyer, we have proprietary marketing and property valuation programs that allow franchisees to act more quickly when it comes to closing deals.

Every new franchisee also works with a development agent, a well-established and local real estate investor that helps you learn the industry and develop key skills to increase your success. As franchisees don’t require a stand-alone office, many work from home. This lowers overhead costs and allows for more spending to find off-market deals and sell flipped houses through real estate investing marketing.

If you’re interested in a real estate investing career, you should explore the HomeVestors® franchise opportunity as a gateway to the market with the support you need to build the business.

How to Contact HomeVestors®

Learn about the franchise opportunity with HomeVestors® when you fill out our online form. We will follow up with you and explain the two options we have in franchising and how you can get started in a real estate investing career.


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