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When people think about owning a business, a vision of employees and offices can often come to mind. However, most small businesses in the U.S. don’t match that perception at all.

Throughout the course of history, most American businesses have 1-4 employees, and more than three-quarters of businesses are run by self-employed individuals with no employees at all. The U.S. Small Business Association maintains these statistics When you choose to be an owner-operator, you’re actually in the majority of small business owners across the country.

A franchise where you have a direct, hands-on role in the operations can be one of the most rewarding types of businesses to own and can be a smart decision for first-time entrepreneurs as well. In many cases, being introduced to owner-operator roles has prepared franchise owners from a variety of brands for owning multiple franchises, and for good reason.

3 Benefits of an Owner-Operator Franchise

There are four benefits to being an owner-operator in a franchise and many are covered in our franchisee testimonials.

Financial Benefits

One of the most significant benefits of a franchise that you both own and operate is a financial one. Simply stated, you save money by not having to pay someone else to do the job you’re going to be doing. While you may wish to expand in the future by adding staff, when you’re starting out, you can put your money into other areas of the business if you’re willing to do the work yourself.

Entrepreneurial Transition Benefits

Another benefit is that an owner-operator franchise makes it easier to transition into entrepreneurship because you are creating a job for yourself where you will be controlling your income generation. It’s almost like making a career change, but instead of lending your talent to someone else’s benefit, you’re putting your skills to work for yourself as a franchise owner. Knowing exactly what you will be doing in building your business can make the move to entrepreneurship much more comfortable.

Knowledge Benefits

While every franchise owner needs to learn the franchise operations, when you’re an owner-operator, you learn every aspect of the business by doing that specific work. No one will know the business better than you will know it and having that experience can make it easier to grow your business in several ways.

Career Control Benefits

One of the things that is likely attracting you to becoming a business owner is the opportunity to have more control over your efforts and rewards when it comes to work. The ultimate experience in controlling your life is to have an owner-operator position.
This is where you pull all the strings and make all the decisions as to how you spend your time and money, and it prepares you well to scale and grow your business down the road. You know where the time wasters are, and where the income generation is, and you become a master at managing every aspect of your business proficiently.

HomeVestors® Is an Owner-Operator Franchise with Possibilities

HomeVestors is uniquely positioned as an owner-operator model because most people want to participate in the real estate investing process. It lends naturally to a hands-on model. Our training, which includes working with a development agent, prepares you for how you choose to run your business, both now and in the future.

For example, we have franchise owners who started as the owner-operators of a HomeVestors franchise and then grew their business with multiple franchise units. They employ people to manage certain aspects of the business while they assume a managerial role, almost like an executive franchise owner. They oversee the operation but are not directly involved in the daily execution of all tasks.

Finally, HomeVestors can also be operated as an associate (part-time) franchise. In the case of partners, two owner-operators also act similarly to semi-absentee franchise owners in that both also have other commitments in addition to HomeVestors. One partner may have a regular job, while another may have other investments, and together, they operate a HomeVestors franchise. When one or both owners decide to dive into the franchise full-time, HomeVestors can accommodate that transition as well.

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